“Hi, We are Cosmo and Robin Hood. Candie has been our Nanny for the past 4 years. She is like our second Mother. She takes good care of us, walks us, plays with us and even takes care of us when we are sick. Our Mom trusts her with our lives. She is always here if we need her. If you are looking for the best caretaker in the area, she is it! Nobody told us to write this, we did it on our own. We are terriers after all!”

– Robin & Cosmo

“Thank you so much for taking such good care of my dogs. Rosie and Molly are lucky to have you in their lives and so am I. Just knowing that you are available to take care of my sweet girls puts my mind at ease when I am at work. You are the most reliable person in my life and I am very grateful for all that you do. (so are the girls!)”

– Lisa W.

“Candie has been sitting for my 2 dogs while I am at work for a number of years. Since the first week that Candie began walking my dogs, they have been happier!!! Candie is reliable, flexible, responsible-and my dogs lover her. Candie also takes care of my dogs at home when I am out of town. I could not give a stronger recommendation for Candie’s Pet Sitting Service. It is wonderful to have a pet sitter on whom I can rely without reservation. I am happy to serve as a reference!”

– Anne D.

“I have used Candie’s pet sitting services for several years now for my two boxers, Kona and Coco. Candie is friendly, reliable and my dogs are always excited to see her. Whether it’s for a day or a week I have always felt confident leaving the dogs in Candie’s care. We have traveled to Florida, Pennsylvania, and Vermont among other places and we always feel that we can relax on vacation because our family pets are well cared for. We have recommended Candie’s services to both friends and family and will continue to do so!”

– Kevin and Felicia M

“There is nothing more comforting than knowing that the two most precious creatures in the world to me are being taken care of by someone who loves them just as much as I do!!! I have been working with Candie since I got Jimmy in 2005 and then Frankie in 2008 and both of the boys love her! She is super dependable and reliable! I couldn’t imagine leaving them with anyone else…thank you so much Candie! Jimmy and Frankie say, “HI!”

– Lisa C.

“We have been using Candie’s Pet Sitting for quite some time and can’t say enough about the service Candie provides!

We have two Golden Retrievers and prefer to leave them in our home while we are away because we found even the best kennels would have an adverse effect on our dogs. Candie cares for them as if they are her own. She is very dependable and is a pleasure to do business with.

We have recommended Candie’s Pet Sitting to a number of friends in the area and they all have been equally pleased with her service.”

– Chris and Amy S.

“We have trusted Candie to take care of our dog, Sydney for almost 5 years now. Sydney was rescued as a puppy and doesn’t always bond with every human she meets, but has always loved Candie. Our dog requires medication twice a day, and we trust Candie with this responsibility. She is extremely reliable and truly cares for our dog the way we would if we were home!”

– Billy and Alicia A.

“To the Human it May Concern,

Candie has been coming to visit me for several days during the week for the past 4 years. My human had the audacity to return to work full-time after a blissful period of partial employment.”

I plan my day around Candie’s visit. I make sure to get in a good four or five hour nap before she shows up in the middle of the day. By then, I have to pee like the race dog I used to be, and I need a snack after my nap. Just as I’m opening an eyelid or two, I hear Candie’s car pull up in the driveway and I go to the door to wait for her to come to the door.

She pets me for a bit and tells me how lovely I am (as if I didn’t know), then she lets me out in the backyard. If the weather is nice, she hangs out for a few minutes while I walk around, find just the right spot to pee on, and maybe have a roll in the grass.

When she calls me back inside, I know it’s treat time! She’s pretty generous with the treats.

If it weren’t for Candie, I might be alone for many, many hours in this house. My humans leave for work early in the morning and don’t return until late afternoon. How long can one be expected to hold one’s bladder? Lucky for me, I have Candie. Once in awhile she shows up on a weekend if my owners decide to go somewhere without me (humans!).

If I were you, I’d get Candie to come for visits. She’s nice to me, she gives me treats, and she lets me pee!”

– Lucy.

A recommendation from the Bruckmann family:

“Candie has looked after our beloved black labrador, Cody, for almost three years. She has known him since he was a puppy and helped mold him into the lovely, well-behaved dog he is today. It is never easy to leave him behind when we go out of town but knowing Candie is there gives us great peace of mind. We are blessed to have such a reliable, professional and loving pet sitter in our area and we would highly recommend her services.”

– Kurt B.

“What can I say – Candie was recommended to me by a dear friend who loved and trusted Candie with her most prized possession, her dog. I was both curious and skeptical that someone could be so wonderful and “in tune” with our four-legged children. My first baby, Wisconsin, immediately fell in love with Candie and looked forward to her visits. Any time you mentioned her name he ran to the window to see if she was coming. I too was won over with the wonderful kindness, compassion, humor and care she provides. Then came number two, Rooney, who really doesn’t seem all there sometimes, but one thing he knows is Candie! My personal favorite is the notes she leaves about what they did or how they behaved. She totally had Rooney down from day one, he couldn’t fool her! The best was last Christmas when a knock came at the door and the dogs were over excited, in a happy way, and my husband opened the door to find Santa Candie dropping off puppy presents! At first he didn’t recognize her, but realized the dogs did. He was so impressed with how excited and loving they were with her when she came in that he knew we had always made the right decision to leave our babies in her care. I constantly recommend her and will continue to do so. We are all so lucky to have Candie in our two-legged and four-legged lives!”

– Janet S.